Services To Assist You

"Money doesn't give you happiness, but it does give you options."
- Isabel Francis Smith, founder of IFS

As full-service financial planners, we believe in the importance and value of carefully considering every aspect of your financial and personal life. We also believe that money, no matter how much you have, doesn't guarantee happiness. As we strive to help give you the options that may truly bring happiness, we’ll work with you to explore your attitudes and assumptions about money, and we’ll help you find your preferred balance between the two sides of freedom: “money freedom” and “time freedom.”

Regardless of your personal preferences, the advisors at Integrated Financial Strategies offer financial planning services designed to help work toward your own financial and personal goals—and the options that could lead to greater happiness in all areas of your life. With a comprehensive plan in place and our guidance, you will be on the path to meeting your financial and personal goals.

As time goes on, you’ll likely find that we have become your trusted companions, helping you prepare for and manage life's changes. From college planning to retirement, through life transitions such as death or divorce, to the joy of seeing your children married and established, and even welcoming grandchildren and assisting with their futures, we're here to guide you through every phase in life. We'll walk with you, serving as your personal and financial sounding board, providing guidance wherever your future takes you.

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