Our Philosophy

At Integrated Financial Strategies, several guiding principals impact every recommendation we make and every action we take on behalf of you, our client.

We believe:

  • Attentive listening is just as important as sound advice.
  • While internet technology has many benefits, the opportunity to speak directly to a human being is essential for proper client service.
  • Our website and the tools therein are merely a supplemental resource, and are not meant to place any research or paperwork burdens on our clients.
  • Information is cheap, but properly applied wisdom is priceless.
  • Each new client’s financial situation can be streamlined, and financial decision making need not be stressful; in fact the process is often satisfying, and sometimes exciting.
  • A client with a high degree of financial security has the freedom to engage in life giving and fulfilling activities.
  • The learning gained by working with many clients helps us address the specifics of each client.
  • Consistently wise decision making bears fruit in the long run.
  • Where we place our attention is paramount; frequently revisiting stated goals sharply increases the chances of achieving these goals.

"Financial security enables clients to engage in life giving and fulfilling activities."
- IFS Philosophy